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We love FindersKeepers


FindersKeepers has been our beginning-fuel. They have supportet us by accepting us to join their amazing interior markets for upcoming designers and artists. Our Wall Planters are also represented in their two physical stores in Copenhagen. 
Geb Rey hos FindersKeepers på Papirøen - de grønne planteophæng kan du købe til dine vægge
On the Paper Island in Copenhagen we are represented in a collaboration with FindersKeepers and Copenhagen Contemporary. They resently send us these great images of the green addition to their shop.
Planteophæng på papirøen - gør dine vægge grønne og dit hjem hyggeligere
We really apprehiate waving our products amongst so many talented designers. It is very inspiring to shop around in the FindersKeepers universe. 
Wall Planters, planteophæng fra GEB REY hos FindersKeepers på Papirøen
Have a great weekend - and visit FindersKeepers on Papirøen!
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Plants - a beneficial addition to your interior


Plants are perfect if you want functional decorations in your home 

They are a great help when it comes to creating personality and creativity in your interior, but they also improve your indoor air quality because they are particularly air-purifying by transforming carbon dioxide into oxygen. 

Wall Planters by GEB REY - create a greener home and save space by hanging your plants on the wall.

GEB REY visiting a greenery to choose what plants to put in the Wall Planters.

At GEB REY we love plants, and we have a lot in our private homes. We often visit our favorite greenery together to select plants for upcoming events and interior jobs. It is always hard for us to choose and we usually come home with a lot more than intended. There is always room for one more plant.

Or is there....

We designed the Wall Planters because of a personal desire to have greener homes, and since we both live in small apartments - the idea of getting plants away from window shelves and counters was very intriguing. So what better use of space than to put them on the walls. With the various visual expressions in the design, there is room for creativity and personalization.

Wall Planters help add plants to your home without taking up space on counters and window shelfs.

Have a great day :)

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